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A blog dedicated to the beautiful partnership of ice dancers Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir--because there is no other ice dance couple to ever rival the chemistry and talent of our beloved Tessa and Scott. Please feel free to request fan fiction prompts; I'd be happy to oblige! x
Anonymous said:
so are there some final word if they are gonna continue skating or not?

We’ll find out sometime this summer. x

Anonymous said:
I had a dream and scott was in it and he was like lying down on a couch with his arm along the top (i have a little crush on him haha) so i went and lied down like on/beside him and snuggled under his arm and you know what he said.... "Dont get too close or Tessa will be angry" EVEN IN MY DREAMS SCOTT MOIR THINKS ABOUT TESSA AND WORRIES ABOUT HER OPINION Even my subconscious wont allow anyone but Tessa to be with him I absolutely adore the two geez.. Theyre even taking over my sleep

LOL oh my goodness you are gold, darling—do tell, though; what was it like to snuggle with Scott Moir?!

After receiving their FD score at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

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  • … or I just may not!

Joannie, Patrick, Maia, Alex, Jeff, Scott, Javi, Tessa, Jordan & Chris


Joannie, Patrick, Maia, Alex, Jeff, Scott, Javi, Tessa, Jordan & Chris

What I Wouldn't Do
Serena Ryder  -  Harmony
485 plays


Kisses! <3  // CD Tango Romantica, FD Carmen


If I didn’t know any better I’d say that W Network made a T&S fan vid…

except that they totally did

Forever and Ever
Royal Wood  -  Forever and Ever - Single
224 plays

These two rivers meet,
they run together.
I will be with you,

for worse or better.
We’ll keep traveling,
as long as the sun lies.
'Cause my future met
and married your past.

Anyone watch Reign last night? And did anyone else squeal and immediately think about Tessa and Scott when the show played Forever and Ever by Royal Wood in the background during the wedding? x

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